My weekend

Heeeeyyyyy peapole! I am back and I am happy but scared like a piece of rat tail. Why I am happy is I that I am don´t have  ebola and I got free Gold from Xbox so that´s why I am happy and I hope I wont get ebola. Why im scared is cause ebola is in US and Europe and I don’t want it to go to Turkey or UK and Sweden. I have two friends who is from UK one of them moved to Turkey and the other one still lives in UK. But i gotta go see yall later have a nice day and try to keep the ebola away


my weekend

My weekend is probably going to be boss. I am going to see Jacksepticeye. I am waiting for him to load up a video. I hope  it’s a skate 3 or dumbot evie or BeamNG. In my opinion, he is like the best Youtuber in the world. Vanossgaming is good but 1 months ago he uploaded a Gta V gameplay/funny moments.

Otherwise I am going to play Forza 4, play DUBSTEP ALL WEEKEND LONG BROS and I am going to eat candy. What kind of candy and what kind of drink? Take a guess and win a bravo.

A. Pringels and Fanta

B. Chocolate and Coke

C. Cookies and Nesquick Chocolate drink

Good luck!

Jacksepticeye’s link Http://